Postis arrives in Wrocław, Poland

March 15, 2022
The beginning of March brings new stages of development for Postis Team
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Radu Țoncu

The beginning of March marks essential milestones in Postis's evolution. We are taking the first international step and launching our local operations in Wrocław, Poland.

Expanding our operations in the Polish market is a commitment and a natural continuation of our promises since launching Postis.

We are talking about extensive support in the development of cross-border activities, agile scaling, a business development able to keep up with the needs and requirements of the market. We're talking about evolving solutions: among our clients operating in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, or France, we digitize logistics processes in areas where efficiency of operations, quality of delivery, and personalized customer experience matter.


Why Poland?

Poland stands out as one of the most attractive e-Commerce markets - in terms of dynamism and rapid development. A fast-growing young industry. A market that invests heavily in digitalization, thus preparing for the transformation of infrastructure and the development of logistics processes.

The opening of the increasingly lively and personalized cross-border e-Commerce appetite gets reflected in the DNA of the 110,000 online stores currently operating on the Polish market. We see a growing demand for the acceleration of the digitization of national and cross-border delivery processes in the EEC and, finally, a real need to adopt this digital transformation in retail and e-Commerce.

But the cross-border goes the other way around: more and more companies in Romania are expanding into new markets, both as a type of product and territory. Using technologies and logistics ecosystems already implemented, tested, and used successfully locally, we can offer real support to all the Romanian retailers expanding to new markets, such as Poland, while sharing knowledge on each market's specifics.

Mircea Stan (CEO & Founder of Postis) and Florin Bulgarov (Data Scientist Postis) @Concordia Design Workspace - Wroclaw

What do we intend to do?

We have over five years of IT development in advanced areas such as process automation, data science, and artificial intelligence. More than five years of developing the Postis Platform in different types of business for the most varied business objectives.

We are ready to take this expertise to the next level and turn the standards of good practice built together with the members of the Postis Community into an international know-how resource. They will be available to all our clients operating in Poland, either locally or internationally, while benefiting from market-specific customizations. Polish retailers will benefit from advanced technologies similar to those used by major global chains, without compromising quality and flexibility, but with a significant saving of resources and much shorter development times.

Beyond the fluid experience and the sum of the processes adapted to the specifics of the market that Polish retailers can benefit from, the launch of local operations in Poland also comes with benefits for Postis customers and partners in Romania. We will exchange insights that will enrich the Postis Platform with new scenarios, adapting it for an arena with an international opening. In addition, the processing of millions of cross-border orders borrowing the specifics of each European market directly impacts the training of machine learning algorithms. The maturation of logistics processes through the specificity of each market has helped brands everywhere to scale operations quickly while having quick access to integrated systems and cross-border aligned processes.

Mircea Stan, CEO & Founder of Postis, at the signing of the documents in Wroclaw, Poland

Why Wrocław?

In Wrocław we found an effervescent entrepreneurial environment, with startups, pro-digitization initiatives, and authorities determined to shape new trends in the European e-Commerce and logistics market. A city with an active and involved business community, which we'd love to grow.

We are not alone in this mission. Earlier this year, Postis participated in the second round of the Poland Prize hosted by Concordia Design Accelerator and 14 other startups worldwide. Concordia's priorities include Postis' main directions of development: automation and AI, as a vital process of social transformation; digital security & data protection - a crucial part of getting better at data-driven companies. And last but not least, the digitalization of local government and how the power of technology serves the people, the businesses, the state systems.

Concordia headquarters & also the place where Postis Poland team works

Also in Wrocław is the Polish Road Transport Institute headquarters, an institution that sets new standards in the last mile. Joining these institutions has shaped a strong argument for choosing our first expansion city. Together, we can bring cutting-edge technology in areas with traditional processes and legacy systems in Poland.

From the very beginning, we conceive Postis as a universal tool that allows all retailers, regardless of the specifics of their business, to quickly scale their operations, without high costs, in an omnichannel or purely online environment. In the beginning, our technologies adjusted the essential logistics elements - improved efficiency, fewer errors, visibility and predictability, lower costs, greater flexibility, and scalability. Our technologies have become real support in other critical aspects of business activity: customer relations, branding, and loyalty with customized implementation and development.

Therefore, we believe that after five years of local activity, we are still at the beginning of our journey: to change the retail and e-Commerce market, delivery by delivery, while customers from all over the world join us.

And if you are thinking of expanding your operations in Central and Eastern Europe with the technological support of the Postis Platform, give us a sign, we're always here to help.

#WeGrowTogether, everywhere in Europe

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