Postis, listed among the disruptive tech startups by Techcelerator and SCM

August 20, 2021
We are part of Techcelerator’s “100+ AI Startups in Romania Report” and SCM’s “European Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook”
About Us
AI technologies for businesses and people
Radu Țoncu

Since its launch in 2017, the Postis Platform brought together retailers, transporters, IT providers and end-customers. The Platform integrated our partners’ legacy IT systems, bridged data silos and uses AI, so that logistics and delivery processes, customer journeys, management and control got better and more efficient.

Over time, our contribution has been acknowledged locally and internationally by specialized publications and industry associations. Lately, Postis has been listed in two important initiatives that identify the importance and the potential of digital technologies and data science for business transformation.

Techcelerator’s “100+ AI Startups Report” is mapping the Romanian AI landscape and identifies the companies that use data and machine learning to advance various domains such as finance and insurance, retail and e-commerce, marketing and advertising, mobility and logistics, healthcare and more. To download the full report and learn about who and how can help your business leap forward, visit Techcelerator’s website.

SCM’s “Supply Chain Management Startups Handbook” provides more than 200 detailed startup company profiles from 27 European countries, helping to shape the supply chains of the future. To find out who are the rising stars in LogTech and how digital platforms reshape retail, logistics and transportation sectors, download the handbook from SCM Startups website.

Through data science, AI-based analytics and data driven business decisions, Postis has paved the way to an improved, scalable and sustainable way to sell and deliver goods.

Offered as a service, our AI-based process automation and optimization became available to everybody, big or small alike. To date, more than 175 retailers, e-commerce players and logistics companies improve their distribution and delivery operations with Postis Platform.

If you feel like it’s time for your logistics and delivery to take advantage of our advanced technologies, give us a call and we will help.

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Transform your logistics and delivery through data science and state of the art digital tech.