Postis - Orderhive partnership for the international arena

June 28, 2021
Orderhive's smart multichannel inventory and order management system is integrated with Postis Platform
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Orderhive - Postis Partnership
Radu Țoncu

Orderhive is a Smart Multichannel Inventory & Order Management System. With strong eCommerce capabilities, warehouse management (WMS) and mobile apps, Orderhive powers 5500+ product sellers across the globe, including high-volume, high-velocity native eCommerce companies. Glovo, CR7, Driscoll’s, Spigen or Conagra are just a few of the big brands that rely their digital retail on Orderhive’s systems.

The platform offers rich features to automate and improve eCommerce processes:

  • order work-flows and operational tasks automation across all apps integrated within retailers’ IT eco-systems, with preset triggers and desired actions
  • order fulfillment from warehouse to customers, with multi-currency, back-orders, team-collaboration and more
  • shipping management with lowest rates, real-time tracking, automated exception handling and integrations with shipping carriers
  • manufacturing management with advanced work orders, bill of materials etc.
  • purchase management simplification with features like barcode, automated PO creation, multi-currency transactions etc.
  • improved stock management and real-time inventory tracking across multiple channels

With Postis – Orderhive partnership and platforms integration, such eCommerce, inventory management and order automation features are seamlessly aligned with our last-mile delivery management, optimization and automation.

Retailers benefit from the best that Postis and Orderhive have to offer, with innovative digital technologies put together to provide a frictionless and optimal management for the entire supply, sales and delivery chain.

Following our partnership, Postis’ features become available and easy to use to all Orderhive customers across the globe.

More, with Orderhive becoming a member of Postis Community, we expand the range of platforms and services seamlessly integrated with Postis and ready to be used by our customers, so that we enable, simplify and accelerate their digital transformation.

For more information about Orderhive services, please visit their site.

And if you want to find how you can streamline and optimize your entire supply, sales and delivery chain, give us a call.

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