Postis Platform goes Woooo!

February 11, 2021
Postis Platform features are now available for all eShops based on WooCommerce
About Us
Radu Țoncu

Ever since we launched Postis Platform, we aimed at enabling digital transformation for logistics, retail and transportation sectors, regardless the size of the business. We truly believe that delivery excellency and differentiating customer experiences should not belong only to big retailers with large IT budgets, but also to smaller players that need efficiency and agility to grow. This is why Postis Platform evolves with Postis Community, an open eco-system of retailers, eCommerce actors, logistics providers, carriers and tech players that contribute to best practices and new industry standards.

Today, we proudly announce that all Postis tools are available to any eShop based on WooCommerce, the open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress that powers more than 28%* of all online shops around the world.


Following our partnership with Avian Studio, the Postis Platform functionalities are delivered as a plugin to the WooCommerce Platform and empowers online retailers with the best available LogTech tools.

Countless benefits for online retailers

  • Carriers aggregation with automated best delivery option selection
  • Seamless integration for any type of carrier (couriers, transporters, own fleet), local or international
  • Control tower along the entire value-chain with real-time, simplified management of distribution and delivery processes, regardless the number of carriers
  • Real-time delivery performance, with analytics by carrier, period or territory
  • Predictive, smart replenishment
  • Returns (cash, refusals, back to service, package recycling) management
  • Integrated SMS and e-mail centers for omni-channel customer engagement, with continuous status notification, post-delivery rating, feedback & NPS
  • Readymade delivery optimization scenarios, with dynamic adjustments based on machine learning
  • Data collection plug-ins -Track &Trace mobile app for drivers, eShop Widget to collect delivery options of online customers
  • Money saving - no IT development needed, lower delivery budgets, reduced operational costs
  • Time saving – immediate plug&play integration, without the need for development resources or lengthy project plans

Find more about Postis – Avian Studio partnership and, if you want to boost your WooCommerce eShop, give us a call.

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