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We help Retailers, Logistic Service Providers and Transport companies to simplify intricate delivery processes and optimize their efficiency by providing an easy to use and fully automated engine that transforms decision making process complexity into real-time trackable components.

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Postis seamlessly and efficiently manages all types of delivery options available for customers: starting with home deliveries, PUDOs, lockers, returns, cash on delivery or time interval deliveries provided by traditional or alternative carriers.

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Enable automated shipping decisions

Postis enables on-the-spot, recurring or mixed automated shipping decisions set off by predefined events such as specific time intervals, quantitative or volumetric thresholds.

Transformation powered by advanced analytics

Postis uses predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to determine when is the optimal shipping moment, what is the best option available and how to reach efficiently the desired destination.

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Enhance delivery, transparency and customer experience

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