The 5 simple steps from unstructured logistics data to happy deliveries

August 27, 2021
Postis Platform puts the power of process automation, data science and AI into your hands
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5 steps to happy deliveries
Florin Bulgarov

Data science, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence or process automation are complex concepts that are, sometimes, difficult to explain or understand entirely. Nevertheless, we believe that, just like every edge technology, if well built and rightfully implemented, deploying such tools in business should be easy and accessible to everyone.

Thankfully, open eco-systems such as Postis Platform embed the experience from thousands of business problems and the solutions to it, hundreds of particular logistics and delivery cases, countless business typologies and sizes, product categories or infrastructure setups.

When such expertise comes bundled with hundreds of ready made systems integrations that may already include your ERP, warehouse management system, e-commerce platform or carrier systems that you work with, the migration from legacy siloed infrastructures to fully integrated, automated processes can be lightning fast.

More, with the careful support from our Business Consultants and Customer Success Managers, you will be sure that the setup and features you will use are tailored to your business objectives, from design to user training and beyond.

It takes just 5 steps to get from fractured delivery processes and unstructured logistics data to data-driven decisions and happy deliveries, every time. Take a few minutes, relax and watch the short movies we have prepared for you.

Step 1

Integrated and automated order collection

Step 2

Logistics data analysis and optimized delivery allocation

Step 3

Delivery options diversification

Step 4

End-to-end customer journey customization

Step 5

Process management and data driven business optimization

If you are curious to discover more or you are ready to start using data science and AI in your deliveries, give us a call and we’ll help.


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