Radu Țoncu

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In the second edition of Business Re.Invented, discover valuable insights about the effect that a post-pandemic shifting environment has on retail and e-commerce, the key threats for e-commerce growth in 2022 and the ways to deal with the unexpected and turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Meet the leading industry experts:

If you are interested in a certain topic, you can use the following chapters:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:34 Guests introduction
  • 02:08 What is Rohlig Suus and how does it help retailers
  • 03:44 The changing business context where Rohlig Suus brings value
  • 06:52 The new customers' expectations and the value brought by Postis' technologies
  • 09:18 How the changing environment, new technologies and customer experience shape the business proposition at Rohlig Suus.
  • 12:02 The main benefits brought by Rohlig Suus to retailers and their customers
  • 14:31 The new, versus the old way of making deliveries, and the role of data science, process automation, and AI
  • 17:01 Logistics and delivery. Differences and similarities between Poland and Romania, as seen by Mircea Stan.
  • 18:21 Digital enabled fulfillment enables scalable, automated, customized, and optimized e-commerce
  • 20:28 The role of deliveries in the overall online shopping experience. Key factors that drive a successful sale.
  • 22:05 Top 3 challenges when building a data-driven optimization platform for deliveries, as experienced by Postis
  • 23:39 Top 3 challenges when deploying digital enabled fulfillment at Rohlig Suus
  • 24:24 Top 3 achievements from Postis
  • 25:28 Top 3 achievements from Rohlig Suus
  • 26:45 Top 3 business mistakes as experienced by Postis
  • 28:03 Top 3 business mistakes shared by Rohlig Suus
  • 30:27 Plans for the future and the winning formula, as seen by Mircea Stan
  • 31:52 The main drivers for success, coming from Hubert Walczak
  • 33:22 What comes next from Postis?
  • 34:46 Plans for the future from Rohlig Suus

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