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Business Re.Invented #3 is about the continuous re-thinking of retail businesses needs to face different challenges that arise at different moments of development, and the ways companies can keep growing, even when the context is not favourable.

Discover valuable insights about the evolution of, a petcare business native to the online environment, and the things that were important along its journey.

Meet the leading industry experts:

If you are interested in a certain topic, you can use the following chapters:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:24 Who is Laurențiu Miron and how did he get into the business?
  • 03:48 From the corporate world to entrepreneurship. What made Laurențiu take the step forward?
  • 05:11 11 years later, Laurențiu shares his lessons for success in business. Continuously reinventing the business and yourself is key.
  • 08:11 Scaling the business is a moment when you can make it or break it unless you have the right tools at hand.
  • 09:49 Growth is not always easy and points of disruption come unexpectedly. The COVID-19 moment, as it was experienced by
  • 10:44 How can an entrepreneur prepare for and deal with the unexpected?
  • 13:15 What are the key ingredients to running a successful online business? Is the site everything that counts, or is it more?
  • 16:24 How is making things simpler and better, and what matters when choosing the right tools?
  • 18:31 The customer is king. How structured its entire operations around the needs of pets and their owners.
  • 20:52 Customer data is crucial to customize offers and experiences.
  • 23:31 How to create a long-term relationship and what tools can be used to turn from being a product provider to a consultant and friend.
  • 26:17 How did COVID-19 and the post-pandemic life affect the relationship between humans and pets?
  • 28:19 How will the petcare retail segment be affected by the post-pandemic lifestyle changes?
  • 30:17 After 11 years of growth, Laurențiu gives a piece of advice to anyone who wants to start an online retail business.

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