Radu Țoncu

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Business Re.Invented #4 is about cross-border e-commerce and its role for European retailers in times of uncertainty and stagnating local markets.

Our guests, leading experts in international logistics and e-commerce, address fail-proof methods for growth even in unfavorable contexts.

If you are interested in a certain topic, you can browse the following chapters and skip where you want:

  • 00:00 The prospects of cross-border trade by 2030.
  • 01:06 Presentation of guests and their companies.
  • 03:56 How is Omnipack, a fulfillment company, helping retailers grow their businesses?
  • 06:37 How is Postis and its AI-based techs support 3PL companies and retailers to improve their last-mile journeys?
  • 08:27 In times of uncertainty, is cross-border trade a solution to compensate for decreasing opportunities in local markets?
  • 12:28 What are the top 3 factors that drive the success when you deliver cross-border?
  • 15:41 How could logistics outsourcing help retailers optimize their operations and cash flow in times of uncertainty, as is seen from Poland by Omnipack?
  • 19:24 What is the perspective of e-commerce in Romania, especially from a cross-border perspective?
  • 22:33 How to approach an integrated Click-to-Door purchasing experience and what are the most important criteria for customers when it comes to delivery?
  • 27:34 How retailers can build a logistics infrastructure capable to fulfill at an international scale, but customized to local markets' specificities?
  • 31:45 Having the right delivery solution for every type of product, customer experience, and market context is crucial for cross-border success. Delivery options diversification and process automation become must-haves for any retailer that wants to go international.
  • 36:27 Cross-border e-commerce and returns. How to reduce the returns rate and how to deal with the costs of the returns when they still occur?
  • 43:56 Top 3 things to consider by retailers that plan to expand internationally.
  • 48:23 The 3 things retailers should always avoid when approaching cross-border trade.

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