Radu Țoncu

Business Re.Invented #6 uncovers the importance of social involvement activities to shape a successful business and about the tools needed to revive an entire category.

Our guests, leading experts in e-commerce and IT platforms, address the ways to develop and scale an idea with deep social roots into a thriving business.

If you are interested in a certain topic, you can use the following chapters and skip to your desired section, right in the video player:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:24 About Bookster
  • 03:16 The evolution of the Bookster business and team
  • 05:32 The customer experience, and the data that helps personalize the book offer
  • 08:01 Ways to create new consumption behaviors and increase the number of books read
  • 09:19 Social involvement, partnerships with libraries, and the book offer to less favored communities
  • 12:25 Operations, deliveries, and their importance to customer retention, especially when market conditions change
  • 15:48 Bookster, benefits and reading offers for any company and any reader
  • 18:23 Innovation, horizontal development, and the creation of new experiences are part of Bookster's business development strategy
  • 22:58 Preliminary conclusions for 2022 at Bookster and the outlook for 2023
  • 25:33 Diversification and optimization of the offer of printed books, electronic books, and podcasts
  • 27:05 Plans for 2023 at Bookster
  • 28:50 Wrap-up

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