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Business Re.Invented #9 is about the importance of logistics when expanding your e-commerce business in new sales channels or new territories, and how to structure processes in order to avoid inefficiency, customer experience rupture or lack of control.

These topics are discussed by specialists in logistics and IT systems from Epantofi Modivo and Postis:

If you are interested in a certain topic, you can use the following chapters and skip to your desired section, right in the video player:

  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:35 Who is Oana Ciortea and what is her role in Epantofi Modivo?
  • 02:37 The first regional logistics center outside Poland was launched in Romania. What is its purpose and how will it improve the customers’ experience in Romania and other markets across the SEE?
  • 05:39 What are the company’s brands present in Romania and what is its sales strategy to reach an omnichannel customer? How are logistics going to support such a diversification?
  • 10:18 Starting with the new regional logistics center launched in Romania, what are the business growth plans across the region?
  • 11:42 Black Friday 2022. How is it going to be, from the perspective of fashion business? What is different in customers’ behaviors, logistics needs, and marketing approaches?
  • 15:47 Inbound and outbound cross-border, and the challenges companies need to tackle when expanding their territorial reach. Tips and tricks from a Polish local company that became a powerhouse regional retailer.
  • 20:09 Returns in fashion and apparel. Reasons, critical issues, and the way Modivo is optimizing the required logistics processes and its costs.
  • 27:26 2023 for Modivo. What to expect from a non-predictable market and a difficult macroeconomic context?
  • 29:27 Conclusions

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