Radu Țoncu

Click-to-Door is the concept that can transform Romanian e-commerce. Promotion, display, sales and delivery processes must be approached in an integrated manner, as is the digital customer experience. In this way, each point of interaction can become a conversion element that, in the long run, will help improve conversion rate and brand loyalty.

In this event, Romanian e-commerce specialists will explore the Click-to-Door concept, and at the end of the event, the report will be released for free download, bringing good practices and data that can help every e-commerce player to become better.

Find out more from Cătălin Cîrnaru (Flanco), Laura Sardescu (, Adrian Păun (Cărturești), Andrei Radu (GPeC), Mircea Stan (Postis) and Vlad Marincaș (InsightOut Analytics).

And if you want to go directly to a specific topic, you can jump between chapters:

  • 00:00 Welcome
  • 00:05 Instead of introduction
  • 03:00 What does the Click-to-Door concept mean?
  • 15:42 Why is an integrated approach to customer experience important?
  • 18:02 Which categories are growing in the Romanian online in 2021 and 2022?
  • 22:09 How do we optimally attract buyers to the online store?
  • 25:27 How important is the website experience?
  • 28:08 What other factors influence traffic to the online store?
  • 29:34 How can the site conversion rate be improved?
  • 33:27 What influence does delivery quality have on the success of a sale?
  • 45:02 Click-to-Door – a unique study of the online shopping experience
  • 58:53 Conclusions about Click-to-Door. How does it help retailers?
  • 1:06:10 What's next after this Click-to-Door report?

And if you are curious to know the details of the Click-to-Door report produced by Postis and InsightOut Analytics, download your free copy here

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