Mircea Stan

In the pandemic which we are still navigating, some have lost, others have won, that's how it is in business. And online shopping is by far the category where players can come out on top. The only details that could mess with online retailers' plans are either a major crisis in manufacturing or one in transportation.

What do we do on Black Friday in this context? And what does the Romanian e-commerce landscape look like after almost 2 years of pandemic?

Those who answered the questions asked by Marian Hurducaș and Dragoș Stanca are:

  • Florinel Chiș knows Magento very well, he has worked throughout his career with Fortune 500 companies and startups from the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and other parts of the world, with a focus on the e-commerce category. He has been the executive director of ARMO for over 5 years.
  • Mircea Stan is Founder and CEO of Postis since 2016, he became an entrepreneur after a long career in telecoms multinationals, which he left after 17 years. He is a graduate of London Business School.

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