Andrei Moldoveanu

In 30 minutes of discussion, Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner Postis, and Armand Iliescu, Project Manager ecomTEAM, have put togeher valuable ideas about the evolution of eCommerce in the post-pandemic context and how digital technologies help retailers recover.

Among the ideas discussed:

  • inflation, rising prices, uncertainty reduce willingness to make new purchases and limit growth prospects in retail
  • the entry of new regional players and the transition of more and more traditional retailers to online increase the competition in e-commerce
  • shoppers are aware of their power in their relationship with retailers and demand the best value for their time and money
  • added services are the differentiator that helps an online store increase its market share
  • mass-customization and diversification apply not only to products, but also to services and experiences
  • the joy of online shopping is ensured by a simple and efficient customer experience, from the first click to the website to delivery
  • transparency, predictability and proactivity become assets in building long-term relationships
  • the keyword becomes convenience, applied to everything: product search, comparison of variants, purchase process, delivery options and end-to-end communication

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