This year, Saint Nicholas and Santa will be helped by Noriel and Postis to be on time, every time

October 22, 2020
Noriel chooses Postis Platform to optimize its delivery in an omni-channel retail environment
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Noriel and Postis help Santa
Florin Bulgarov

Ever since it was born back in 1995, the Noriel business has grown continuously. Just like a child, the company’s growth was sometimes very serious business, sometimes it was more like playing. But it never lost its creative and innovative spirit, which got Noriel to be the biggest toys specialist retailer in the Romanian market, a trustful friend for business partners and parents, offering quality toys and games, children fashion and baby care products. Noriel’s magical land is made of 80 own-operating stores, spreading creative playfulness in 44 cities in Romania, and an online shop – their virtual castle.

With a continuous focus of making its products available when and where needed by children or parents, Noriel partnered with Postis to allow for efficiency, improved quality, flexibility and agility in its logistics processes. Among the main features provided by the Postis Platform, Noriel benefits from diversified delivery options, automated selection for best delivery option, decreased delivery cost, enhanced quality and performance and decreased delivery time. The platform provides an integrated control tower for all distribution and delivery processes, ensuring advanced analytics, end-to-end visibility and predictability along the entire value chain, regardless of the transportation solution used.

One innovative solution consists of the integration within the platform of more than 80 stores and warehouses as pickup points. Customer orders can be delivered from the closest Noriel store where the product is available, this way ensuring that toys get to children’s hands in the shortest possible time. Also, improved customer experiences become available, with instore orders delivered home, online orders picked-up in selected store, or stock transfers among stores for simpler purchasing journeys. More, this allows for significantly smaller delivery costs and enhanced stock rotation.

Additionally, in order to spread the good will and happiness to any child in Romania, the company decided to increase its reach nationwide with a granularity at commune level, by integrating in their delivery pick-up options the Romanian Postal Services network.

All these features combined allow Noriel to make the best of the omni-channel environment accelerated by the pandemic context and further scale its business easily, quickly, under control, without significant costs.

„We believe it is exactly this free spirit and focus on growing and winning together as a team, that made Noriel THE PLACE to go to when looking for the best of the best toys and games. We plan to continue building, with even more courage. We believe there is no such thing as dreaming too big and our main plan for the future is to inspire children to think the same. And partners like Postis help us implement this vision and keep our promise every time. In this way, it’s great playing, it’s great growing!”
Cristina Popa, E-Commerce Director

Despite of the very complex logistics scenarios, Noriel was able to start using the features of Postis Platform in just one week due to existing best practices and integrations with the WMS and ERP solutions used by the company, and also with the selected delivery and distribution solutions.

„We put in the Postis Platform a rare blend of logistics know-how, IT expertise, state-of-the-art digital technology, disruptive attitude and a commitment to deliver always beyond the promise. All these combined allow us to implement the most complex use cases, in the shortest time, with fast results and long term impact. This is what Noriel was looking for and we are glad that we embarked on their journey to further build the biggest playground, for kids and adults alike”.
Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

Discover the largest playground in Romania by visiting the Noriel website.

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