13% of Romanian eCommerce sites have instant access to Postis Platform

February 26, 2021
The market’s most advanced distribution and delivery optimization features are now available as a PrestaShop Module
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Radu Țoncu

PrestaShop is the third most popular eCommerce platform in Romania, powering 13% of active online retail sites.

Following our partnership with Presta Maniacs, the features offered by Postis Platform are easier to be used by PrestaShop retailers and are offered as a ready made module, with fast and simple implementation.

PrestaShop sites can manage in the same place the entire delivery chain, from home delivery options, pickup points delivery, returns due to customer refusals or back to service, cash on delivery, all of these with real-time monitoring and control.

The Postis Carrier Integration Module provided by Presta Maniacs offers all the features needed to improve delivery experience and performance:

  • Generate AWB
  • Possibility to modify data, before generating the AWB
  • Send AWB by e-mail to the client
  • Check package status
  • Display carrier at checkout
  • Fixed or dynamic carrier cost setting via API

The module will extend soon with new features:

  • Generate bulk AWBs
  • Automatic status change after the package has been delivered

For more information on the Postis Carrier Integration Module by Presta Maniacs and the way we can help you improve your delivery, give us a call.

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