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In today's fast-paced delivery ecosystem, the way companies organize the delivery process and manage the communication with an increasing number of carriers, determines their future development.

But also carrier service providers have the critical mission of ensuring excellent quality of services as today, more than ever before, their sustainable growth depends on the customers satisfaction.

Postis platform sustains businesses to streamline complex delivery flows by empowering them to measure, manage, and automates the entire delivery process using cutting-edge technologies

Monitoring Platform

Postis can manage in the same place the entire delivery chain, from home delivery options, pickup points delivery, returns due to customer refusals or back to service, cash on delivery, all of these with real-time monitoring and control.

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Real-time analytics and predictive insights

Through its advanced technologies, Postis is able to analyze continuously the delivery chain and extract valuable insights that help businesses streamline customer experience.

Solving long-lasting

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What you can get
with Postis

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Enhance delivery, transparency and customer experience

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