Interview Mariana Brădescu // Managing Partner @PIATRAONLINE

February 15, 2022
Interview Mariana Brădescu
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It's the first and the most significant natural stone store in Romania. Despite an unstable economic context, PIATRAONLINE closed 2020 with a turnover of 7,000,000 euros, registering an increase of 8.61% compared to previous years.


Behind impressive results, there are constant efforts, strategic decisions, alignment with market trends, a daily dose of courage-driven actions, lots of flexibility. How does this translate in to tangible, everyday business decisions? Let's find out everything about momentum, brand values, and that spark that transforms ideas into solid companies in an interview with Mariana Brădescu - Managing PartnerPIATRAONLINE.

What mattered most in the stability of the business during the pandemic?

PIATRAONLINE is one of the most important natural and decorative stone suppliers in Romania. We have been exporting natural stone to over 22 countries for more than ten decades, while our portfolio consists of over 1,500 products. We are proud of 40,000 completed projects and extensive experience in interior and exterior design.

In a project of such magnitude, 2021 came as a year full of challenges and lessons learned. It was a year in which we focused on providing our partners as much stability and clarity as possible, although sometimes it seemed like an impossible task. We were realistic: we did not focus on growth because the main focus was on maintaining the existing figures in the logistics context of that time, which closed many markets in which we were active.

However, we also had solid business values that we were unwilling to sacrifice: organizational culture and process efficiency. Why? Because regardless of the challenges, we must not forget that it is vital to evolve, constantly grow, and have a strong team.

Malleability in business. Does it mean to use state-of-the-art digital tools? Or are we talking about relationships, connections, calibration of activities according to constraints and needs?

For our customers, living and working spaces are long-term projects - that's why the relationship between them and PIATRAONLINE keeps building over time, over long periods.

We are no longer just a supplier in this relationship, but a consultant, consultant, architect, friend. I care a lot about this principle - let's adapt to each other while we know our needs, and I think adaptability comes from a good mix of all of the above: digital tools are great, but they need human calibration. I believe in the power of automation; it is also what convinced us to work with Postis team. Still, we know that it can lose value if you do not know when to give up a process or a rule when it is appropriate to make an exception and customize.

Long-term vision on sustainability & conscious business choices.

Does only strategy and leadership matter, or are we talking about actions that help the public make informed, informed choices?

A business is not just about numbers; a company is the sum of the people and actions behind the brand name. It's about being alive, building a team, being part of the community, and offering constant support when needed.

That's why, in our case, beyond the products we sell and the way we customize solutions for each of our customers and partners, we needed to remain an active presence in their lives. With information about everything new in our field of activity. With direct involvement in the development of their projects. With programs to develop a new type of customer, more demanding with the products they buy, more aware of the role of environmental space for a better life, and more concerned with the relationship between health, work efficiency, and the environment's quality. Fortunately, we are fortunate to build a team and a whole community of partners who share this vision, believing that what we do is good.

Do you think there is an opposition between ecological welfare, environmental protection, and profit?

Most of our products come from nature and require a sustainable approach that integrates exploitation, processing, and marketing. Profit and the eco-friendly approach do not contradict each other; they must coexist in our field of activity. There is no opposition when the business builds on solid and long-term values.

Indeed, situations arise where sustainability, ecology, and future generations' education are avoided. It can be costly to have a sustainable mindset that reflects in business actions - so it becomes, at most, a topic of discussion at networking events or green marketing campaigns.

But if we do not take on each of these future projects - sustainability - we will not have a chance to leave future generations a beautiful space to live and work. 

What CSR actions do you have in place, and how do you choose the areas in which you invest time and resources? Is it about matching values, building communities, or punctual actions?

PIATRAONLINE has been involved in various social campaigns to benefit the community, from providing financial support to NGOs to donating products and eco-friendly projects. Social responsibility is more than just a concept - we want to be an example for future generations; we want to be the engine of change.

We had small, but numerous CSR projects because we said "YES" to the requests that came to us and in which we felt that we could help. The projects I chose were varied: from housing for those without material possibilities to investments in sports and fencing clubs. Fundraising for two dental clinics. Cultural events dedicated to visual arts and contemporary architecture. Free medical services and medicines through social polyclinics. Support for children with autism. We have been involved in charitable activities and projects that help us grow together: first as a people and then society.

I firmly believe that CSR actions are not a PR component but a human component of the business. It responds to a natural call to be close and empathetic with our people. When you choose to help, it is an exchange of sound, experience, and trust; it is not one-way.

You have been using Postis solutions for almost three years. How has this partnership helped you?

I'm a big fan of digitisation and automation, and I understand very well how a solution like Postis meets essential business needs. By using Postis automated scenarios, you can bring more and more partners into your portfolio on different business verticals while managing all these relationships in one place. You can observe and solve the needs of your customers and partners needs while gaining clarity and control over all delivery and post-delivery processes. We offer people materials to individualize their spaces, so it is essential to have a personal approach to each experience. I think we have a lot to grow together because we can never stop as we have always said! We need to grow day by day, without stopping, if we want to be one step ahead of the market in which we operate.

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