Marketing vs Sales vs Logistics dichotomy in online. Or the lack of it.

February 19, 2021
Postis is part of GPeC Winter School and supports marketers to boost their customer engagement and loyalty with operational excellency and journey customization.
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Radu Țoncu

It is no secret that more and more customers get to online stores for an ever increasing range of products. It happened because of pandemics and lockdown, but it sticks and will be here forever because of easiness, efficiency and control over product availability, time and money.

In online, the customer engagement is completely different from face to face interactions, as brands have almost no control and do not see the client’s reaction in due time. Usually, the retailer learns about customer's dissatisfaction too late, when he or she already bounced and got to a competing online shop, with the easiness of a mouse click. There are no skilled salesmen to rely on and convince the client. So it’s up to smart communication, product availability and seamless buying and delivery experience to convince the customer finalize the sale and come back again.

While many online brands focus on communication and engagement, the most successful ones have a holistic approach to the journeys they provide. The customer’s experience does not end with the shopping basket, but it extends during delivery and post-delivery. It is so because, not so rarely, late or damaged parcels are refused, transforming a successful sale into a significant cost generator with return couriers, product retreatment, claims management or lost customers for good.

From this point of view, logistics and delivery become integral parts of the brand experience and the final step for sales success and customer loyalty. Postis supports marketers to boost their engagement and provides tools for operational excellency, delivery customization, customer interaction and feedback.

  • Postis Platform streamlines supply-chains, optimizes and automates delivery processes so that products reach their customers fast, safely, less expensively every time
  • Delivery Widget from Postis gives online buyers the power to choose when, where and how their product is delivered, with a simple integration in every eShop
  • Integrated communication via SMS and e-mail provides customers with full visibility and control over their delivery status, from shopping cart to their door. Through built-in rating, feedback and NPS tools, their voice is heard and retailers can act and continuously improve.
Such topics and more will be discussed during February 24-28 at The GPeC Winter School, the most important eCommerce and online marketing intensive trainings organized in Romania. Mircea Stan, CEO Postis, is a special guest of the event on February 28 to debate on the importance of logistics and technology in the new online retail paradigm. For more information about topics, other trainers and registration, visit the event’s webpage.

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