Postis, among the leading international platforms that accelerate the last-mile transformation

June 22, 2021
Discover valuable insights about the future of e-commerce, last mile and open digital platforms
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Postis mentioned in Parcel and Postal Technology International
Radu Țoncu

E-commerce is booming and the boom has put stress on every element of the e-commerce chain – from checkout to the last mile. As a result, there is unprecedented pressure on retailers to go digital and shift to omnichannel or even become a pure online player.

To support a seamless customer experience, from product display to delivery and beyond, a redesign of supply chains and last mile is needed. Many issues need to be tackled, including:

  • Siloed IT – Legacy systems are difficult to integrate with each other, leading to limited visibility, traceability and control. Omnichannel experiences are difficult, time-consuming and expensive to streamline.
  • Unstructured data – In fulfillment and delivery, data is collected mainly for operations and reporting. Process and customer data is not correlated, while predictive analysis, AI and automation are largely underused.
  • Labor-intensive processes – The lack of data-driven processes causes lower productivity, errors, cost inefficiencies, longer delivery time and lower customer loyalty.
  • Transformation velocity – Customers’ expectations change more quickly than retailers can respond. Opportunities are missed and customers are lost.

Following Postis activity expansion across CEE, our effort to support retailers, logistics suppliers and e-commerce players in their digital transformation journey has been observed by the leading publication Parcel and Postal Technology International.

In an article signed by the logistics expert Marek Różycki, Postis is nominated among the leading international platforms that accelerate last-mile developments. To find valuable insights about the future of e-commerce, last-mile and open digital platforms, read the original article, here.

And if you want to learn about how Postis Platform can help your business to improve last-mile operations, increase delivery efficiency, decrease costs and achieve higher customer satisfaction at the same time, give us a call.

Marek Różycki is managing partner at Last Mile Experts, specializing in CEP and e-commerce last-mile advisory. Różycki was vice president of Amazon Logistics EU until 2015. With over 25 years in finance and general management roles, Różycki is a seasoned manager and entrepreneur. Following a senior finance role with DHL, Różycki set up Masterlink (now DPD) in Poland and developed it from scratch to reach market leadership in six years, before selling the company. At GeoPost/DPD, Różycki headed Central and Southeast Europe (16 countries, €300m+ (US$369m+)). He has been on numerous supervisory boards and has recently acted as industry advisor in several major due diligence exercises in Poland and internationally.

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