Postis, listed in Top 10 European Logistics Solution Companies in 2020

January 7, 2021
The prestigious Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine announced their 2020 Top for European Logistics Tech Providers and we're part of it
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Radu Țoncu

Back in March 2020 when pandemics and lockdown first hit, we were writing that, when people and companies face the unknown, they adapt, find their balance and adopt new ways to thrive.

After 10 months of difficulties and challenges to overcome, we can say that 2020 was not a bad year for Logistics and Retail, after all. Customers rediscovered what truly matters and became increasingly aware of the value of their time, money and relationships with people and brands.

Many companies accelerated their innovation, adjusted their business models and implemented new technologies and processes that they were postponing for too many years.

More and more product categories, from food to cars, found their ways from the shelves of brick&mortar stores to the desktop or the smartphone's screen, right at the customers' fingertips.

Such changes and more were possible due to digital technologies, open platforms, process automation and data-driven decision algorithms that allowed for fast-paced adoption, seamless integration, optimal change management and control.

The international Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine ranked the best logistics solutions from across Europe that made possible the change of paradigm in 2020. Among AI solutions, smart robotics, electric and driverless vehicles, Postis Platform proudly stands in the Top 10 European Logistics Solutions of 2020 for its cutting-edge technology and its impact in logistics and delivery efficiency, business optimization, operational excellency and enhanced customer experience enablement.

To read about the rest of the companies that fill the podium, check the publication site.

To those who adopted new technologies in their core operations, 2021 brings new opportunities for business growth, product diversification, market expansion, customer loyalty. To those retailers that did not have the chance yet to adjust their business model and implement tech innovations, now it is the time for change.

Reduce your costs

As a retailer that delivers products to your customers, sometimes you pay too much for too slow. That’s because you do not always benefit from the best delivery solutions fit to your products. It is the moment when Postis helps with all delivery solutions with one integration, lower IT costs, state of the art IT infrastructure for free, zero implementation cost and a pay-as-you-use approach.

Automate your processes

Supply-chains are difficult to manage. There are many variables, lots of moving parts, countless people and resources to put together. Any chain is as strong as the weakest link. And the longer the chain, the higher the chance for ruptures. In stock, in delivery, in customer satisfaction.

Luckily, our digital technologies enable supply-chain automation and allow you for end-to-end visibility for your distribution and delivery, predictability and full control. You manage your distribution and delivery processes in the same place, you get automated multicriterial optimization scenarios, multiple pick-up points, integrated fleet management.

Improve your customer satisfaction

When you deliver products to your customers, the main satisfaction criteria are available delivery options, speed, quality, safety and cost. But most of all, the way customers are aware when they receive their order. With Postis Platform, you create operations excellency for unmatched customer experiences. You get integrated SMS and e-mail communication with your customers, built-in rating, feedback, NPS tools, customer satisfaction as automation selection criteria and live check-out instantly available right in your e-store.

Grow your productivity

Logistics is a labor intensive, asset centric field of activity. Increasing the usage rate for your fleet or warehouse or improving the performance of fulfillment and transportation workforce are key to keep costs under control and build efficiencies across the entire value-chain. Luckily, digital technologies transform the way logistics work and make it simple for you to simplify, optimize, manage and control your processes. With Postis Platform, you get automated, streamlined fulfillment and delivery processes, powerful data visualization, detailed analytics and many more.

Boost your sales

With changing customer behaviors, e-commerce grows fast. But with pandemics still around, it booms at an exponential rate. Omni-channel or even pure online becomes a must have for survival in short term and the place where your retail business will thrive in the long-run. With Postis Platform, you connect all your sales channels to your carriers and allow you to reach your customers with ease, everywhere in Europe or allover the world.

Upgrade your supply-chain

Supply-chains are under pressure, more than ever. Shorter stock rotation, higher product diversification, product customization, fast delivery, they are all requests from an increasingly demanding customer. And logistics need to keep up with e-commerce. In order to do so, supply-chains need to transform into open supply-networks, and digital technologies are here to help.

Want to find how we can help on your business objectives, give us a call.

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