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July 28, 2022
Support us in the Logistics Awards Poland
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Logistics Awards Poland
Radu Țoncu

Earlier this March, Postis announced it has taken the first step towards expanding internationally with the opening of its office in Wrocław, Poland.

Only 4 months later, Postis Platform gets nominated in 3 categories at the LOGISTICS AWARDS POLAND PLEBISCITE, organized by the prestigious Logistics Manager Magazine. Check the categories below:

This category brings together solutions positioned as innovative and based on the latest technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, blockchain

A suite of companies offering fulfillment, courier and logistic services, as well as technological solutions used in e-commerce logistics are battling for the prize of this category

This category brings together suppliers of telematics and TMS solutions in transport and logistics verticals

One of the most important periodicals dedicated to supply chain, Logistics Manager Magazine offers a voice to the logistics community, allowing its members to assess the full spectrum of the market through this contest.

Since you are a valued member of Postis Community, we would like to request your support in backing our nominations.

Please spare two minutes and vote for us in the three categories enunciated above. Take a few more minutes and fill-in the optional questionnaire, to get us bonus points.

Heads Up: All the materials are in Polish, however Google Chrome simplifies the translation process with just one click on an icon, available in the URL toolbar.

The voting process is quite simple:

  1. Click on each category, cast your vote for Postis, and fill-in the form with your data
  2. Optional: Take a few more minutes to answer the in-depth questionnaire for extra stamina added to our nominations
  3. Check your email address for the confirmation message and hit the first hyperlink to validate your vote (the confirmation email is also in Polish)

We thank you for being part of our amazing #PostisCommunity. You make us better and stronger, every day.


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