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March 30, 2022
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Sustainability in e-Commerce: can we give up some of the disposable packaging bundled up within online orders? What can we do, punctually, quickly, realistically, to facilitate the European transition to a green(er) economy in a rapidly growing market?

In Romania, 500,000 disposable cardboard or plastic packaging is used daily for online shipments. Moreover, more than 250,000 trees are cut down annually for e-Commerce packaging.

The impact on the environment is enormous. Our country has no well-developed recycling system: most of these materials are incinerated, contributing to air pollution through CO2 and other gases emissions.
In this context, the statistical data contained in an ING study on consumption habits define an increasing interest of online shoppers in recycling and the ethics and sustainability of the brands they choose. Amid this paradigm shift, R-Create - in collaboration with DPD & Postis - is developing a circular economy solution to meet the new market needs. An alternative to the traditional way of packaging: reusable transport packaging, based on a dedicated return system.

The proposed solution goes beyond the physical prototype: we are talking about dedicated logistics flows for delivery and return management - supported by automation and optimization solutions developed by Postis, but also IT integrations for the proper functioning of the developed circular economy model.

It is not the first green solution developed in the Romanian e-Commerce market. In 2022, R-Create and Postis started their first green project collaborating with Cărturești. The pilot project delivered the books in the original packaging and sealed them in an R-Create bag - the customer opened it, took the package, and handed it back to the courier to be returned, disinfected, and used again up to 20 times.

The use of reusable packaging leads to a significant reduction in disposable packaging, implicitly pollution. Products ordered online are delivered to the customer by the courier in their primary packaging and sealed in returnable packaging. The customer unseals, takes over the development, and hands the returnable packaging to the courier. Thus, the packaging re-enters the delivery circuit and can be reused dozens of times through the standard return procedure. At the end of the life cycle of each package, R-CREATE ensures its collection and recycling.

How it works?

Brands must have an active delivery contract with the courier company DPD and the returnable packaging annex. The option can be highlighted with an opt-in on the site, directly on a form implemented in the check-out page. Based on estimates, the packaging goes to the warehouse where the products are packed.

The final buyer can opt for returnable packaging in the check-out area. Here, the solutions developed by Postis algorithms bring simplified, customized flows through which each customer can benefit from the type of delivery according to his needs. The entire process of notifying fulfilment and delivery operators of buyers' choice to use recyclable packaging, generating AWBs, tracking, and managing returns is managed and orchestrated using automated processes developed in the Postis Platform.

Once customers check the "returnable packaging" option on the website, they will receive their products in their original packaging but sealed in the R-CREATE returnable packaging. The customer will unseal the bag and take over the products, returning the returnable packaging to the courier.

We thrive on green(er) solutions for an ambitious change. We are reducing the impact on the environment. We believe in sustainable Development. Get in touch and find out more about how you can integrate green digital solutions designed by R-Create, easily scaled through Postis.
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