This Black Friday, all retailers deserve to be pampered. Just like their clients are.

October 27, 2020
Full access to distribution and delivery optimization. Free throughout November. No volume limit. No hidden cost. No strings attached.
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This Black Friday Pampering
Valerica Motoc

During Black Fridays, retailers focus on serving best their customers. And tend to forget that they are customers, too. We don’t.

Because Black Fridays in pandemics make it two times difficult, we come to save the day. And provide all retailers in need the tools that make them work best and enjoy these times, as they should.

Limitless offers to choose from

Well, that is a bit exaggerated, but retailers and e-commerce players can choose from more than 80 distribution and delivery options available in Postis Platform.

They come in all sizes and shapes. Regional, national or international coverage. For express, same day, next day or planned deliveries. With card payment or cash on delivery. With add-ons such as large crate, heavy duty box delivery. Or insurance for sensitive equipment. Or assembling services for furniture. Or lightning speed for fresh food deliveries. Or whatever.

You choose what best fits your business.

Everything money can buy, with something special on top

We know that you’re happy when your clients are happy, because they are the ones that make your business grow. This is why you get the most advanced features to deliver faster, better, safer, at lower costs, with less returned parcels.

You get the best delivery option automation based on machine-learning and the most complex supply-chain dataset available in the market. You have your own control tower, with powerful process management and analytics tools embedded in the same web interface, for your entire distribution and delivery.

And your customers are always informed on delivery status and communicate with you, with built-in SMS and e-mail notifications, feedback, rating and NPS.

For the smallest price possible

Well, we believe that top quality always comes with the right price. But we also think that it is our role to help the entire retail community to transform their processes and upgrade their business model.

This is why, in difficult times, we deliver our best to the best price ever. IT’S FREE. For the entire month of November. With no cost for integration, setup or consultancy. Without any volume limit for the processed deliveries. Regardless the number of delivery options or supply-chain complexity.

No strings attached

Just like when you deliver your product, you can first use Postis Platform over this Black Friday, then think if you keep it. See if it serves you best and delivers beyond the promise. And decide if you need great results in the long run.

If not, there’s no problem, we are glad we helped. And we remain friends, because Christmas is just around the corner. Then Valentine’s Day, May 1st, Summer Sales, Back to School and all of a sudden, Black Friday again.

With the best service in town

Postis Platform offers retailers a rare blend of state-of-the-art digital technology, logistics know-how, IT expertise, top-level consultancy, disruptive attitude and a commitment to deliver always beyond the promise.

All these combined allow us to implement the most complex use cases, in the shortest time, with fast results and long term impact.

When you look for #1, now you know where to go.

So, if you haven't used Postis Platform yet and need help to make the best of this Black Friday and keep some time to enjoy it, give us a call. We’re here to help and treat you like a customer, as you deserve.

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Transform your logistics and delivery through data science and state of the art digital tech.