Your own site or eMAG Marketplace, you get the best delivery in the market either way

March 11, 2021
Sellers from eMAG Marketplace benefit from Postis delivery management, optimization and automation, following our partnership with Teamshare
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You get the best delivery in the market either way
Andrei Moldoveanu

Postis and Teamshare partnership was built in the past 3 years as a way to provide to Romanian and CEE retailers integrated technologies and tools for simple, efficient and effective eCommerce, fulfillment and last-mile.

Given the eCommerce growth that accelerated in 2020 and will continue to expand in the years to come, starting this March we brought to Postis-Teamshare integrated solutions catalogue new additions that make the work simpler to online retailers and the life better to their customers: eMAG Marketplace integration, eShop Delivery Widget and real-time delivery cost calculation.

Sales channel diversification with the same delivery quality and performance

The integration of Teamshare eCommerce Platform with the most important online sales vehicle in Romania, eMAG Marketplace, now brings added benefits. Delivery processes for orders generated from both your own sites or eMAG Marketplace are fully integrated within the same advanced delivery management platform, improving the efficiency and control over your entire last-mile eco-system.

  • Unified management, optimization and automation for all your deliveries, regardless they were generated in your site or in eMAG Marketplace
  • Cost reduction and improved quality and performance, with the best delivery option automatically selected based on market proven optimization scenarios, tailored to your business objectives and continuously improved by machine-learning. Based on your priorities, selection criteria cover the type of product (size, weight, form, fragility, perisability, value), pick-up place (warehouse, supplier stock, store), delivery options (time, place, SLAs), added value services (cash on delivery, card payment, insurance, concierge, heavy weight manipulation), contractual terms, cost, past carrier performance and more.
  • Control tower for deliveries from all your sales channels, with powerful BI tools and dashboards to analyze delivery performance, efficiency, cost and customer experience, with aggregations by carrier, territory, sales channel, type of delivery or period.
  • Advanced customer engagement tools, with feedback, rating and NPS forms embedded in delivery processes. More, you get integrated, SMS and e-mail communication to provide to your customers real-time delivery status updates, ETA and commercial messages.

Widest delivery options offered to your customers, straight from you eShop

With the eShop Delivery Widget created by Postis, retailers can offer to their online customers the power to choose when, where and how their order is delivered. With a simple integration in your eShop, you can improve the customer experience with the widest delivery option, when they finalize the shopping cart.

  • Options for every customer expectation – anytime (express, standard, scheduled), anywhere (home, office, locker, drop-off site, brick&mortar store)
  • Higher conversion rate – you reduce the cart abandonment and increase customer loyalty
  • Save time – immediate, plug&play integration, without the need for costly developers or lengthy projects
  • Save money – the widget uses all management, optimization and automation features available with Postis Platform and you save money from IT systems simplification, delivery budgets and logistics operations

Real-time delivery cost calculation

  • Delivery cost is automatically calculated by Postis Platform and displayed in your Shopping cart, immediately after the customer introduces the delivery address
  • Real cost is computed based on a mix of relevant criteria such as address, distance, weight, number of parcels per order
  • Transparency increases your conversion rate, while precision helps you save from your delivery budgets

For more information on how Postis-Teamshare partnership can help your business, give us a call.

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