Post-Black Friday analysis with Mircea Stan and Ziarul Financiar Live

December 14, 2020
10% of the 2 Million deliveries in BF weekend were processes by Postis Platform. From these numbers, interesting trends pop-out.
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Andrei Moldoveanu

The Black Friday this year was like no other, due to pandemics which made things twice more difficult. Changing purchasing behaviors, instore traffic restrictions or partial lockdowns, they all moved large sales volumes from offline to online which, in return, made it difficult and generated a high pressure on supply-chains and logistics.

Despite all this, almost 1 year of retailing in pandemics worked as a powerful stimulus to all companies who needed to adapt to the new reality in order to sell their goods.

Streamlined processes, diversified delivery options, open supply-networks, shorter distribution and delivery chains, enhanced customer experiences, better transparency and control, improved resource management, stock prediction, they all became part of the strategic framework of those businesses who saw in pandemics an opportunity to evolve and thrive. Such business model innovations were possible due to digital technologies - open platforms, delivery and logistics datasets, automation, machine-learning.

During the Black Friday weekend (Dec 13-15), we estimate that more than 2 Million parcels were delivered across Romania and more than 10% of those deliveries were processed by Postis Platform.

Mircea Stan, CEO @Postis, analyzed the outcomes for
Ziarul Financiar Live.

Among the key findings:

  • More than 2 Million parcels have been delivered during the Black Friday weekend (Dec 13-15), with more than 10% being processed by Postis Platform.
  • For Postis customers, Black Friday sales grew within the market average of 20-30%. Nevertheless, some retailers that use Postis for optimization saw 250-300% growth rates as compared to last year.
  • Due to process digitization accelerated by pandemics, retailers and carriers were better prepared to deal with sales bursts and large delivery volumes in a very short time. Refused / returned parcels saw an average 15% decrease YoY. Customers with longer delivery history within Postis Platform were able to reduce their returns by 20-25%.
  • Black Friday momentum will maintain across the entire month of December and daily online sales will remain 40-50% higher than normal.
  • Delivery option diversification (anytime, anywhere, any payment, with added value services) became must haves for any online / omni-channel retailer.
  • FMCG and super- / hyper-markets are on the rise, with more product categories and higher volumes ordered online.

Find more in the article published by ZF Live.

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