Postis and Soft Net Consulting join forces to simplify the digital transformation of trade activities

September 7, 2021
Retailers in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe benefit from the end-to-end integration of ERP, WMS, e-commerce and delivery automation systems
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Postis and Soft Net Consulting partnership
Radu Țoncu

Postis, the first LogTech start-up in Romania, and Soft Net Consulting, the largest developer of business IT services in the western region of Romania, have signed a strategic partnership to simplify the digital transformation of trade activities. Retailers in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe benefit from the end-to-end integration of ERP, WMS, e-commerce systems offered by Soft Net Consulting, with the automation and delivery optimization provider by Postis Platform.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, when periods of relaxation continue to alternate with periods of population mobility restrictions, more and more traditional retail companies are considering expanding or even moving their business operations to online, with a need for updated and integrated IT ecosystems. In an unpredictable environment and with increasing competition coming from digital channels, the factors that ensure the successful adaptation to new market requirements are the ability to restructure IT systems fast, the implementation speed, the use of tested and proven solutions, as well as the ability to provide an integrated experience in all customer interaction stages: from offer communication, product presentation, stock availability, shopping cart, to delivery and post-delivery journey.

The ASIS ERP solution developed by Soft Net Consulting offers a complete system to streamline processes and information across the organization, covering accounting, human resources, customer relationship management and more. The unique advantages offered by the ASIS ERP system are ensured by the native integration with specialized systems needed for trade activities such as ASIS SFA, ASIS WMS and ASIS Retail / HoReCa.

Complementary to the functionalities provided by ASIS ERP, the Postis Platform ensures the management, optimization and automation for distribution and delivery activities through logistics processes streamlining and integration, supply chain data aggregation and artificial intelligence that automates business decisions.

Following their partnership, Soft Net Consulting and Postis have interconnected their two IT platforms, which can operate in an integrated way on a turnkey basis.

“The partnership with Postis meets our customers needs and the significant growth of the Romanian e-commerce. In order to manage efficiently a large orders volume, companies need a higher level of automation and operational efficiency that will generate both improved customer relations and reduced costs. The integration with Postis increases the functional richness of the ASIS ERP system and, as a result, the value offered to customers. We are delighted that our two visionary companies join their efforts, and we look forward to the business opportunities that are opening up. ”

Dorin Andreica, General Manager Soft Net Consulting

Following the integration with the Postis Platform, the ASIS ERP solution adds new functionalities that ensure the complete infrastructure for efficient and effective retail:

  • Fast delivery options diversification, with immediate access to a catalog of 150+ transport solutions - deliverers, couriers or specialized carriers with local, regional, European or global availability. If new transport solutions are needed, their integration is done quickly and free of charge, through the Postis Platform.
  • Control and visibility over the entire fulfillment, delivery and post-delivery journey, integrating in a single ecosystem the native functionalities for customer order management, stock availability check-up, optimized fulfillment, commercial documents issuing or financial tracking, with advanced tools for automated order dispatch to the best suited delivery option, instant AWB creation and printing, as well as order tracking at all delivery stages.
  • Operational flows are expanded with tools available in the Postis Platform to optimize the end customers' experience. With the eShop Delivery Widget, retailers can offer to their customers the possibility to choose right from the shopping cart when their order is delivered - express, standard or scheduled, as well as the place of delivery - at an address, personal pick-up from a physical store or from one of more than 2,000 lockers or pick-up points integrated with Postis. Through the Postis Customer Engagement service, companies keep their customers up to date with real-time information on delivery status sent via SMS and e-mail, while Postis CX Tracker allows merchants to learn what really matters to their customers after every delivery, with integrated rating forms, feedback and NPS forms.

“Through the services it offers, Postis helps retail companies to improve their ​​distribution and delivery and transform supply chain processes into customer experiences that generate loyalty.
We believe that advanced technologies should be available to any business that wants to grow in the long run, so we seek to make our services as accessible as possible to any company, large or small alike. That's why we're excited that our features are now available to Soft Net Consulting's clients and integrated into the intuitive experience that ASIS ERP provides to its users. ”

Andrei Moldoveanu, Product Owner Postis

The new functionalities brought by the integration of the ASIS ERP solution with the Postis Platform are addressed both to the existing clients of Soft Net Consulting who need to integrate the management of distribution and delivery with the rest of their processes, and to new clients who want to simplify their IT infrastructure and need a complete solution for all operations required by a modern online or offline trade.

Depending on the clients' objectives, Soft Net Consulting can customize the data and the processes through which they are used, for both the operational and for the control and reporting activities.

The integrated services offered by the Soft Net Consulting - Postis partnership are available starting today. For more details, let's get in touch.

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