Postis Platform. 3 years after.

October 8, 2020
After 3 years since launch, Postis Platform saves millions of Euro, millions of manhours, millions of kilometers and the whole planet, one delivery at a time.
About Us
Happy #3
Andrei Moldoveanu

Age is a funny thing. As a person, you cherish the experience that comes with it, but you secretly wish to add years at a slower pace to have time for all the things in the world. But when it comes to businesses, time is a rollercoaster that goes faster and faster. Every year comes with ups and downs, it’s the ride that counts. And getting higher with every turn.

In just 3 years, Postis became the Romanian LogTech startup that brought IT innovations to logistics and transportation sectors. Through the use of large process datasets, machine learning, analytics and automation, Postis disrupted the traditional way to manage supply-chains and last-mile delivery. The Postis Platform united siloed legacy systems, improved distribution and delivery performance, transformed logistic processes into strategic tools to create new and better customer experiences and continuously built around it an open eco-system of partners and customers that, together, generate new industry best practices that push the entire sector ahead.

The numbers speak for themselves. Here are some of the results we generated, in just 3 years, for our customers:

And that’s just in 3 years, just for our customers. Imagine the impact for the entire economy, with more and more companies joining the Postis Community and using our techs!

How did we come to these results?

Well, it took a lot of work, a lot of trial and error, a lot of talks with our customers and partners. And we made it together.

  • Through courier aggregation, automated best delivery selection and simplified logistics management.
  • Through enhanced supply-chain management, improved delivery quality, and continuous process optimizations based on customer rating, feedback and NPS.
  • Through extended delivery options (anytime, anywhere, anyhow the customer needs), customer information on delivery along the entire journey and lower refusal rates.
  • Through the largest and most diverse delivery dataset available in the market, machine learning algorithms, streamlined data orchestration and powerful analytics tools for all distribution and delivery flows.

Before all that though, it was an idea...

When an Idea meets Reality – The Postis Platform was born!

Three years ago when Postis Platform came to life, we felt it was the right solution for some industry sectors that were facing many challenges: logistics, transportation and the supply chains that unite the two.

Postis cares

We wanted to build a solution that can solve the inefficiencies that appear in modern trade between retailers, logistics operators, couriers and carriers when serving the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers today. We wanted to offer a platform so that companies using delivery services would achieve greater efficiency, total transparency and real-time delivery management.

It was not easy, it took us an entire year to carefully develop the platform, the functionalities and the optimization scenarios built to fit any type of business, size or product category. We had a great ally, though... our customers. We’ve analyzed all the difficulties they experienced every day in their activity and turned technology into an enabler for our customers’ business transformation.

What is Postis Platform exactly?

We are IT people and we know what to do with technology. That’s how Postis Platform was born. It offers retailers, e-commerce companies and logistics suppliers alike what they desperately need:

  • transparency and control of the full distribution and delivery flows
  • a wide variety of delivery options
  • the most advanced technologies for process automation and
  • decision making using learning and prediction algorithms

Postis Platform connects ERP, WMS (Warehouse Management), OMS (Order Management) and TMS (Transport Management) systems, e-commerce tools, marketplaces, couriers, transporters and ride hailing platforms and orchestrates data traffic within supply-chains in order to optimize logistics processes and create customer experiences through operational excellency.

The benefits were obvious for any company who wanted a delivery budget reduction, an efficiency increase across the supply chain, less complaints in call center and a decrease in delivery refusals. Postis Platform delivered all those promises and more. Which is why the response from companies was almost immediate.

Postis 3 years anniversary

However, it was a joint endeavor. We grew up together with the Postis Community built around our platform and formed of retailers, logistics integrators, e-fulfillers, warehouse operators, carriers, couriers and technology providers, all integrated to move the goods from warehouses to stores, homes, offices or distribution points simpler, faster, easier, cheaper, more eco-friendly. And make the end-customer happier.

Thank you for believing in us!

We believe in the power of many and, with every customer, our platform grows and improves in the benefit of all members of the Postis eco-system and also the local retail, e-commerce, and logistics community. Together with our customers and partners, we grow into the largest and most diverse partnership to enable the transformation of traditional supply-chains into supply and delivery networks powered by open digital platforms, machine learning and the use of data.

Now, three years later, the Postis Platform is used by over 100 customers - large and small, with national or international presence, from sectors like fashion, pharma and cosmetics, medical, automotive, food, home & deco, logistics, bookstore, electro and IT. And their numbers are growing fast as we speak.

In these changing times and a fast moving, highly competitive market, we are happy we can deliver the flexibility and agility our customers need.

You believed in us and challenged us. Thank you for that and also for a beautiful friendship for many years to come!

Happy #3 together!

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