The Postis Platform. 5 Years of Firsts.

October 4, 2022
For 5 years, we have been innovating logistics and last-mile deliveries, for a simpler and more efficient retail.
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The Postis Platform. 5 Years of Firsts.
Radu Țoncu

2017 seems so far away.

Not just because so much has happened - pandemic, lockdown, war, economic crises, social unrest. But because our life has changed significantly. Remote working, online meetings, events and conferences, loans made from your smartphone, e-shops purchasing for anything - from cars, furniture or cement, to jewelry, medicine or salad, food delivered to your door in just 15 minutes.

All these were viewed in 2017 as exotic concepts or wishful thinking. And yet, today they are all part of our everyday reality. The interesting times we've been through have affected our lives, but they've also helped us emerge more resilient, more efficient and more adapted to change.

About 6 years ago, the Postis team had set out to change the way three vital industries - transport, logistics and retail - were working together. It was the time when every IT system in logistics was speaking its own language. When data was moving from one application to another via CSV files and was not matching each other when imported. And the reports made at the end of the month in Excel were used as tools to support business decisions. The numerous breakpoints in the flow of data, the lack of visibility and predictability, the inefficiency of the processes, all led to costs, errors, delays. Each player in the logistics chain found the causes in the backyard of the others. Customers were unhappy. And things were evolving with difficulty.

For the first time, Postis proposed to the market an open business model, in which all parties involved in logistics processes collaborate and develop efficient ways of working. The Postis Platform integrated all relevant IT systems (WMS, ERP, CMS, e-commerce platforms, transport management systems), started to collect systemically the process, performance and customer experience data and made it circulate efficiently and securely from one system to another, in real time.

For the first time, an approach based on open platforms, automated processes and data science was brought to the logistics sector, and Postis became the first LogTech startup in Romania.

In 2017, the first digital platform developed in Romania for the automation, optimization and unified management of last-mile delivery processes was launched.

With the contribution of all partners from the Postis Community – retailers, e-commerce players, technology providers, fulfillers, transporters, couriers, buyers – the Postis Platform has increased in complexity and has proven its effectiveness for the most varied business objectives, in different business models, logistics ecosystems and product typologies.

Advanced technologies, Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence were implemented for the first time to automate business decisions and optimize the order delivery and post-delivery processes. And in the past 5 years, Postis has contributed to the widespread adoption of the omnichannel retail and to the simplification of purchase interactions, regardless of whether we are talking about physical or online stores.

Some of the most important tools developed by Postis that have helped the e-commerce industry grow and the delivery processes and experiences get improved are:

  • Postis CX Tracker, a tool through which end customers can give feedback to the companies they bought from, immediately after their order is delivered. Through rating, feedback and NPS forms, retailers learn in real time what is important to their shoppers and what areas from their delivery processes need improvement;
  • Parcely by Postis, the mobile app for real-time tracking of any order, regardless of the merchant and the courier company, available to buyers from Romania and soon, from other European countries;
  • Click-to-Door, a revolutionary concept that integrated pre-purchase logistics with delivery processes. Based on it, Postis produced in 2021 the first detailed report dedicated to the e-commerce market that analyzed the causal relationships along the whole purchase experience: from the first online interaction with the retailers' promotional communication, continuing with the website and the information about the product, passing through the selection of purchase and delivery options, to the delivery of the package and the post-delivery interactions;
  • Postis Delivery Widget, a tool that can be integrated into the online store's shopping cart and give buyers the ability to decide where, when and how their orders are delivered. By diversifying delivery options, retailers can better respond to each customer's specific preferences and needs, constantly improve the experience they offer, and increase conversion rate and brand loyalty;
  • Postis Driver App, a mobile app to dispatch and manage orders directly on the driver's phone, dedicated to companies that have vehicle fleets of their own and want to integrate them with the rest of their outsourced delivery solutions for a unified, efficient and predictable management.

Some figures, 5 years after the launch of Postis

  • a catalog of more than 200 couriers, deliverers and carriers, for all types of products and customer experiences, facilitating deliveries to and from more than 25 countries;
  • automation, optimization and delivery management services for more than 200 customers, both medium and large, local and international;
  • constant growth of the business for 5 consecutive years, reaching at the end of 2021 1 million euros in recurring revenue;
  • 40% of revenues come from processing deliveries to and from territories other than Romania;
  • in 2021, our technologies were recognized internationally, and the Postis Platform was the first and only Romanian IT platform designated Challenge Master and the winner of a USD 100,000 prize in the AWS AI Challenge competition;
  • the activity is coordinated from the headquarters in Bucharest and the regional office in Poland, with the second regional office to be opened by the end of the year, in Germany.

5 years after its launch, Postis has become a major presence in the European LogTech ecosystem and provides delivery optimization services in Central and Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, the Balkan Region and Western Europe.

For all these achievements we are grateful to all our partners and customers. Together, we are celebrating the first 5 years of innovations in last-mile delivery, and preparing for the next 5.

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