Modlet scale-up model. From Galati to the whole world.

December 18, 2020
The Romanian footwear online retailer Modlet uses Postis Platform for international expansion.
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Valerica Motoc

Modlet is a Romanian online retailer that differentiates from its competitors through an extensive range of men and women footwear and the best price / quality ratio in the market. The company sells products manufactured both in Romania and internationally, becoming a real promoter of local brands.

Established in 2013 in the city of Galati, initially under the Walkin brand, Modlet became soon a solid presence in Romania due to a combination of product availability, simple ordering, great customer service and consistent promotional and discount campaigns. The nationwide reach is provided through an e-commerce platform, online retail partners and the Facebook shop it operates.

Reaching business maturity, Modlet aims to expand its operations across Europe. In order to do so, the company needed to implement new logistics processes and replace the old, legacy systems with an integrated eco-system of IT applications capable to provide scalability, speed and simple customizations to different market specificities.

Together with a new WMS (Warehouse Management System) capable to improve its fulfillment and order processing (stock management, picking, packing, labeling, preparation for delivery), Modlet partnered with Postis to improve its delivery efficiency, quality and control.

The Postis Platform provides carrier aggregation and instant integration with any relevant courier and transporter from Romania and Europe.

The end-to-end delivery and returns flows are managed through the platform, benefiting from automated best option selection depending on destination, previous courier performance, parcel size, and value-added services.

The results were instant:

  • logistics operational performance – with the same manpower in the warehouse, the capacity for fulfillment and order processing (picking, packing, labeling, delivery readiness, returns treatment) increased by more than 75%
  • the maximum delivery time decreased by 50%
  • delivery within the promised time reached 95% from the total volumes
  • from day one, the company benefited from simplified management and full control for the entire delivery journey, from order collection and warehouse fulfillment to customer delivery and returns management
  • customer journeys were improved, with simplified returns processes embedded right in the online store

"At Modlet, we are a young, passionate and dedicated team that built a business with a focus to make great quality affordable to everybody. Our range of products is extremely diverse and covers all tastes and needs. The quality of our products is very good. The price for our products and our discount campaigns are unmatchable. Our service is customer centric, making every process or interaction simple, fast, effective. And, with Postis, we have the best partners on our side to allow us to take our best quality for the right price approach everywhere in Europe".

Victor Grosu, Owner Modlet

In addition to the short-term great achievements, the most important effects of a robust, yet flexible IT platform are visible in the long run:

  • transport solutions diversification is available instantly, from a catalogue of over 80 couriers, transporters, specialized delivery or drop-box networks from Romania and Europe, already integrated with Postis Platform
  • international delivery, everywhere in Europe, is available immediately, in the same platform, with the same processes and user experience already tested and optimized in Romania
  • customizable delivery processes are possible, according to each market specificity where Modlet will expand its operations
  • the number of returned parcels will continue to decrease due to improved delivery quality and performance

By design, the Postis Platform was conceived with the objective to help all actors in retail, e-commerce, logistics and transportation sectors to improve their operations, simplify their IT systems, scale-up their business and create new, differentiating customer experiences. We are thrilled every time when we meet dedicated entrepreneurs that believe in their business and dare to aim high and challenge the large players right on their playground. Modlet is yet another example that, with commitment, high energy, customer focus and the right technology, you can start everywhere in Romania and conquer the world.

Mircea Stan, CEO Postis

To discover the retailer’s offer, check the Modlet site here.

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