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April 29, 2021
Nemira chooses Postis to simplify and improve their customer journeys. Discover the whole story below.
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Business case: Nemira
Andrei Moldoveanu

We often hear about how the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of business processes, how it has irreversibly changed buying habits, how it has forced companies to confront their weaknesses, to test their limits. But did it change mindsets? For Cătălina Nicolau, Project Manager at Nemira Publishing House, the answer is "definitely, yes".

"I will not lie to you. We weren’t prepared at all for this pandemic. That's why we tried to walk in our customers' shoes and asked ourselves: how can we make things simpler for them, especially in such a stressful time? How can we affirm that we care about launching new and good titles, their entire reading and buying experience, and also about the way their orders reach them?

After 30 years of existence and almost 10,000 books published, Nemira kept up with a changing world. New ideas have brought, step by step, a new way of doing business: from punctual marketing activations to long-term digital projects. From communication segmentation to widgets and automation tools. From multiple distribution channels and hard-to-control deliveries to digital solutions that transform logistics processes.

The biggest challenge?

"The most difficult thing was making everything very simple for a user, always easy to understand at a glance.”

CX Tracker, Customer Engagement, and algorithms that automatically select the best delivery option. On the road to digital transformation the functionalities already developed in the Postis Platform just made everything simpler.

"I appreciated a lot the fact that I didn't hear it would help to or it would be good to because I saw them as purely pieces of advice that we had to implement, we had to make it happen. With Postis, it was different. Everything was already thought out, easy to adapt to our needs. It's incredible to get everything done, easy and ready to implement.”

For Nemira Publishing House, the idea of a partnership with a digital platform that already knew the complexities of the book market laid the foundation of a steady and trust-based relationship. The results were not long in coming. By using the Postis Platform, Cătălina Nicolau discovered that she has full visibility and control over all delivery processes. And, above all, that it offers the same control and predictability to its readers. The message that Nemira is sending now, delivery by delivery: "we care about the way your packages arrive."

Open communication with readers. Deliveries that always arrive safely, on time. Constant care as an investment for the future.

"As a business, you approach every decision with your client's perspective in mind. And I try to make the clients' job easier, I try to walk in their shoes. Usually, when we receive proposals from other suppliers, I like to see how they relate to the benefits offered to our customers, not only the advantage of our business. Of course, the financial benefit is also wonderful, but changing the mindset and building our partnerships around our customers matters much more. We accept we don't know the absolute truth, that's why we always listen to our customers. That's the only way to win in the long run."

As a customer-focused company, Nemira's main need is to constantly grow the common grounds for company benefits and consumer benefits: what can a brand do for a better user experience? How can they create, over and over again, a space that encourages the pleasure of reading?

Every customer experience can bring with it unforeseen risks, outside the direct control of your business. Cătălina tells us how these challenges were reflected in Nemira’s management: “I have often felt that deliveries impact the way customers feel about our brand. People often associated delivery problems directly with Nemira."

Apprehending delivery issues got itself a perfect match in Postis delivery algorithms.

Through our solutions, Nemira has given to its readers the power to choose when, where, and how they receive their orders. It provided control and clarity through constant notifications about delivery status. Got the chance to analyze the performance of couriers through real-time and objective data. It has turned operational excellence into customer care. Shortly put, it became the easiest way to start delivering experiences, beyond packages. About how all these things felt, Catalina says:

"We learned a valuable lesson about why we should also listen to people we disagree with. We have prioritised quality especially in a year like 2020, we have learned to handle situations with care, to listen more to our customers. To make informed decisions, based on numbers and ratings. And the kind of reaction that followed, just because they were involved in the process, sometimes brought results that exceeded our expectations. ”

Keeping the excitement of discovery, while giving your customers control and visibility. Simplifying and customising each delivery process as a way to show that you care. Digitise your processes, while remaining authentic. These are just some of the things we were happy to discover in the Nemira & Postis partnership.

Enjoy Nemira's care for reading and readers on their website.

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